How to Measure for Curtains


IMPORTANT – Always use a metal tape to take your measurements rather than a fabric or plastic tape, which may stretch and result in inaccurate measurements.

IMPORTANT – It’s important that you carefully measure your rail or pole to ensure your curtains fit correctly. If you are in any doubt, please be sure to check again. By supplying these measurements you take full responsibility for the finished size of your curtains.



To be sure of the best possible fit, take time to measure carefully. It is important that you measure the width of the curtain rail or pole, not the window itself. The curtain rail or pole should be positioned 15cm above the window and extend 15cm – 20cm either side so that the curtains can be stacked back off the window.

Measure the total width of the rail or pole (excluding finials). Don’t forget to account for overlap – this is an additional measurement, normally 2.5cm, which allows the hanging curtains to overlap in the middle when they are closed.

If you have a rail with a center overlap, measure the total width of the rail excluding finials, then measure the overlap and add the two measurements together.


Before measuring the drop, decide whether you want your curtains to fit above the sill, below the sill, or to the floor. We suggest that:

  • Curtains that fit above the sill finish 1.25cm above the sill
  • Curtains that fit below the sill finish 15cm below the sill
  • Curtains that fit to the floor finish 1.5cm above the floor

Take your measurements from 3 different points along the track or pole, as sills and floors are rarely completely level, and use the shortest measurement so that the curtains don’t drag on the floor or the sill.


For curtain rails measure from the top of the rail to where you want the curtain to finish. For curtain poles measure from the top of the eye (the small metal ring underneath the curtain rings) to where you want the curtain to finish. This will prevent your curtain pole or rings from being obscured by the curtains. Please note: our pinch pleat curtains are made with buckram Heading and are designed to hang on a Pole, although some customers do hang them on a rail.



This heading is only suitable for curtain poles up to35mm in diameter. Measure from the top edge of your pole, to where you want the curtains to finish. And add on 2.5cm to allow for the heading above the pole.