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More than just plain Purus Fabrics

Find a range of textured plains in multi-tonal weaves, a range of tones and different weave styles allows for a large range of subtly colourful fabrics with interesting patterns, and a range of soft fluffy or stiffer yarns allows for a range of textural experiences. Suitable for made to measure curtains, roman blinds, accessories and upholstery.

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Fabric Types

What are woven fabrics?

Woven fabrics are made by interlacing two or some sets of yarns, in the Purus Fabrics collection a range of different yarns is used, like soft and fluffy yarns to achieve a pleasant handle, and with yarns being multi-coloured it creates subtle colours shifts and patterns that adds to the fabrics character without being too overwhelming.

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We’re incredibly proud of the wide range of Studio G and Clarke and Clarke fabrics we offer but we know that choosing from such a huge selection can be very difficult! If you’d like advice on choosing the perfect fabric for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling our friendly sales team on 01274 588079 or email sales@housedecorltd.co.uk