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Please fill in the below details and press SEND. Our Customer service team will then get back to you with a quotation via email. Alternatively please feel free to call 01274 588079 or start a LiveChat conversation. Once you’ve received the quotation please get in touch to provide confirmation details and place the order.


We are currently stating pre-Christmas delivery for all tailor-made orders, subject to the availability of the fabric/s. This will either be confirmed via email or more information provided on an individual order basis. If you have any concerns or delivery requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch before placing your order.

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Ivory Thermal Lining

White Blackout Lining

Cream Blackout Lining

Cream Bonded Blackout Interlining

Ivory Bonded Interlining

Ivory Sateen Lining

Ivory Finesse Luxe

Chalk Finesse Luxe

White Finesse Luxe

Pearl Finesse Luxe

Stone Finesse Luxe

Stone Solprufe

Ivory Solprufe

Pearl Solprufe

White Solprufe